Performance and Video Production feat. in a Joint

The Diasporic Peoples Writing Collective (DPWC) premiered a film for San Jose State University’s virtual “Legacy of Poetry” festival on April 17, 2021. The festival was themed Closing the Distance: Sheltering in Technolog(ies), and in it were some of our very own DPWC member-poets featured beside veterans like Daniel B. Summerhill, Tureeda Mikell, Vernon Keeve III, MK Chavez, and Keenan Norris. It was a joint … Continue reading Performance and Video Production feat. in a Joint

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‘Need an invite to join a Diasporic Peoples Writing Collective (DPWC) event? Contact us for info. and access. COVID-19 Update: DPWC’s monthly meet-ups are online until further notice. We once held our monthly meet-ups at SJSU in Washington Square Hall, room 218. However, COVID-19 pushed us online and now our meet-ups follow this format… We join-in on Zoom. You introduce yourself (e.g., I’m so-in-so. I’ve … Continue reading Calendar