By now, you probably know, Diasporic Peoples Writing Collective (DPWC) is a registered student organization at San Jose State University. We were founded by Creative Writing MFAs who through their shared student experience developed community; but we grew. Now DPWC is students, alums, academics, and allies on a project to build platform for BIPOC + underrepresented literary artists and creatives. And we welcome your support.

Platform to us means many things. First and foremost it is home, a place to land and know folks have got your back, are vested in your success, and will generously share their brain trust and resources to that end. These resources, be they vlogging equipment to level-up our online game after COVID-19, or funds to build equity, attendance, and visibility for BIPOC and underrepresented literary artists and creatives at conferences, don’t fall from the sky but are earned via grant applications and our outreach efforts. They can also come from your support as an ally.

So, ask us anytime, how your donation dollars are put to work and how you can physically and/or monetarily contribute to the DPWC project.

Diasporic Peoples Writing Collective (DPWC) is a project and it’s at work.

The DPWC is an ally of the African American Studies Department at San Jose State University. They’re available to support AFAM students who want to produce publishable essays.

Jasmine Yusef – SJSU Student

The Center for Literary Arts has tapped the DPWC to lead book club discussions. DPWC members come ready to heat-up the conversation and leave us some food for thought.

Bennet Elle – CLA Book Club Attendee

We needed a ring light for a few Zoom calls because we had to look professional online. It’s just an example of how DPWC comes through with resources.

Maria Cosas – SJSU Student

Support to this project.