DPWC Allies with Center for Literary Arts (CLA) on its Book Club and Author Events

DPWC allies with Center for Literary Arts (CLA) on its Book Club and Author Events. We invite you to visit the CLA Book Club page on Goodreads, click the “join” button on their page, read along, and participate in their virtual discussions when they are scheduled. Also, view videos, and invite friends. Follow CLA’s Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter for updates. CLA Book Club meet-ups and events … Continue reading DPWC Allies with Center for Literary Arts (CLA) on its Book Club and Author Events

Seeds in the palm of a hand

An Interview With Author, Persis Karim

Writing and the Importance of Community Living to Make Every Day Count This May, I interviewed Persis Karim, Ph.D., over Zoom. While our conversation meandered through coffee and the struggles of living through COVID-19, somehow, we came back to her life as a poet and author. Karim is a professor in the Department of Comparative Literature at San Francisco State University (SFSU). She is also … Continue reading An Interview With Author, Persis Karim

Adiele with VONA Students: Featured Image

An Interview With Author, Faith Adiele

Artists as First Responders It’s 2020, a year I’d thought might bring clarity, but April showers have fallen beneath clouds cast by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is wet outside and we’re supposed to be inside. At least, that’s what our state officials have directed us to do: shelter-in-place. The phrase is unsettling even as it tries to side-step saying, stay-at-home. Perhaps there is no language … Continue reading An Interview With Author, Faith Adiele

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We are the Diasporic Peoples Writing Collective (DPWC), a registered student organization (RSO), at San Jose State University (SJSU). The collective started with a handful of Creative Writing MFAs who developed community through their shared experiences as students and literary artists. Today we’re much larger as a project that’s powered by student, alum, academic, and ally activists that are helping to build-out a platform for … Continue reading The DPWC

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COVID-19 Update: meet-ups are online until further notice. We meet-up once a month at SJSU in Washington Square Hall, room 218. However, COVID-19 has pushed us online and now our meet-ups go as follows… We take a minute or two to let everyone join-in on the teleconference. Folks introduce themselves (e.g., who are you, how you been doing, what you been doing, what you’d like … Continue reading Meet-Ups


Interview with author and scholar of Iranian Diaspora studies, Persis Karim. Read what Karim says about community and her creative work with the Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition. Learn how she relates diaspora to planting seeds. Interview with author, activist, and world traveler, Faith Adiele. Read about what Adiele says about the craft of writing and weathering the pandemic. Learn why she calls artists first responders. Continue reading Interviews

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The collective is working on a few project initiatives and collaborations: Blog content and book reviews (writer+editor+strategist) Author interviews with a byline (writer+scheduler+journalist) Videos and photography (producer, script writer, videographer, grip, video editor, /readers/voice+talent) Social Media (brand builder+strategist+book signings and giveaways) Social Media Management (PM+copywriter+curator Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress) Administration (COO+relationship builder and manager) Finance (grant writer+account manager) WordPress (UI specialist) Want to get involved … Continue reading Initiatives