Check out DPWC’s guest authors, Margalynne Armstrong, Lyzette Wanzer, Jewelle Gomez, and Judy Juanita, feat. at a SJSU hybrid event where they’ll discuss their anthology, “Trauma, Tresses, & Truth.”

Check out DPWC’s roster of roundtable guests for the 2021-22 school year: Tureeda Mikell, Daniel B. Summerhill, Vernon Keeve III, Blackbook and its founding team, MK Chavez, and Keenan Norris.

Legacy of Poetry, 2021, was themed, Closing the Distance: Sheltering in Technolog(ies). See our talented member-poets featured with: Daniel B. Summerhill, Tureeda Mikell, Vernon Keeve III, MK Chavez, and Keenan Norris.

Seeds in the palm of a hand

Interview with author and scholar of Iranian Diaspora studies, Persis Karim. See her relate diaspora to seed planting. Read what she says about community and her work with the Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition.

Adiele with VONA Students, Philadelphia, PA

Interview with author, activist, and cosmopolite, Faith Adiele. Read about what Adiele says about the craft of writing and weathering the pandemic. Learn why she calls artists first responders.