Daniel B. Summerhill

October 18, 2021, 6PM, PST

The Diasporic Peoples Writing Collective (DPWC) will host the inimitable Daniel B. Summerhill on Zoom, October 18, 6PM, PST. This one hour event is open to DPWC members and all who long to be wakened.

Zoom Pre-Registration:

Daniel B. Summerhill is a tenure track professor of Poetry/Social Action and Composition Studies at California State University Monterey Bay. He has performed throughout the United States, and has made appearances in both Canada and the UK. Prof. Summerhill was invited by the U.S. Embassy to guest lecture and perform in South Africa. His work has appeared in or is forthcoming in Obsidian, Rust + Moth, Button Poetry, Cogs, The Hellebore, and others. He will perform a few works from his latest book of poetry, Divine, Divine, Divine (Nomadic Press) and then we’ll talk.

Divine, Divine, Divine is an exploration of the divine and the deviant, a consideration of the Black tongue as a home, life and death through the lens of language. This poetry collection is an ode to the experiences that make us whole and acknowledgment of the things that fracture us. The insight and empathy permeating this book will surely enliven our roundtable talk.

Contact us if you have questions. DPWC2020.COM/contact/

Buy the book, Divine Divine Divine (Nomadic Press).

Visit Summerhill on the web at http://www.danielsummerhill.com/

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