The Poetry of Daniel B. Summerhill

This is a teaser of the wonderful art and artists you’ll see showcased at San Jose State University’s virtual “Legacy of Poetry” festival this month. The festival is themed Sheltering in Technolog(ies).

More info is forthcoming and will be posted to our calendar, but definitely tune in, April 17, when the work of our DPWC member-poets will be featured beside our gracious and illustrious invitees, Daniel B. Summerhill, Tureeda Mikell, Vernon Keeve III, MK Chavez, and Keenan Norris.

“Ode to Elijah”; Poet: Daniel B. Summerhill; Project Manager: Quianna Summerhill; Video and Editing: Tommy Nguyen and Video Remix by Chase Ali-Watkins with the permission of Daniel B. Summerhill; some footage is sourced from Storyblocks